the Kitchen Floor Project

I had the bright idea of refinishing the kitchen floor. We originally had vinyl tile floors in there and it simply drove me crazy. I bought a Bruce hardwood floor and installed it with much difficulty. It looked pretty good but one day the dishwasher flooded the entire floor. If that wasn't enough the washing machine then flooded the floor. I tried to resurface it several times but there was simply too much water damage.

I decided to install vinyl plank flooring which looked like wood in case of another flood. So off to Home Depot to purchase 450 sq. ft. of flooring.

My original thought was to simply strip off the Bruce flooring and install the new floor directly over the original vinyl floor. This was not to be. The Bruce flooring was so glued to the vinyl that the process of prying off the hardwood flooring also raised the original vinyl flooring. It took two weeks to finally get all the hardwood and vinyl off of the floor. For those of you who are thinking of removing your vinyl flooring I would urge you to rethink that choice. But if you still want to remove your vinyl flooring then I would urge you to contact he first. I learned a lot of shortcuts in my endeavor and I may be able to save you some time. You will need certain tools of the trade, many razor blades, a box of Band-Aids, sheer dedication, much willpower and a full refrigerator of beer.

The entire process took three weeks

removing the old floor begins

putting down the new floor

finally finished

close up views

my supervisor

my assistant