David Wojnowicz ("Wino")

November 28, 2005 -

Today I received an email from Sharon Wojnowicz informing me of the death of David L. Wojnowicz. Sharon states that David (affectionately known by us as "Wino") passed away 13 years ago from a heart attack.

This is part of an email that I received from Sharon Wojnowicz on December 23, 2005 :

David and I were married a year after he came home from Nam.

We have a daughter and a son and four grandchildren.  We were married for 22 years when he died of a heart attack on Dec 10th, 1991.  He was 44 years old, he was just short of his 45th birthday on Jan 1st.  We still live in the same area of New York and luckily, my children and grandchildren live close by.

November 25, 2007 - received these emails from David's daughter


My mother thinks these color photos are from MP training at Fort Gordon, Augusta, Georgia so perhaps some of them are known to you.


Kindest Regards,


Lynn Wojnowicz Francis


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Here's some of those photos from Viet Nam.  Sadly, some of them are faded and lost to time.  We have more that I will scan and send.
Kindest Regards,

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