Cherokee Bob continues to add to his "cat" collection.

The newest addition to CB's cat collection is White Lips AKA Meanness. Actually this cat adopted me.

I had ambitions of making this cat another member of the cat gang but that proved an impossibility. As it turns out WL (computer lingo for White Lips) is apparently antisocial and wants nothing to do with other cats. She likes to walk around the outside of the house and when she spots one of the indoor cats in a window she jumps at the window and scares the hell out of the indoor cats.

She seems to be content with the outdoor life. To make life a little easier for her I put a cat door in the garage door. She has her own heated cat bed and sleeps in the garage.

To reward her new person (me) she continues to bring me presents. Here is the total to date: 8 birds, 7 rabbits and 1513 lizards. I can hardly wait until snake season starts !

the true "face of Evil" !

Nothing is ever simple. To complicate CB's life another cat showed up at his door one day and did not leave. After a month I figured that the cat had adopted me.