Birth Dates:  21 June - 21 July.

Earth influence:  The Long Days Time.

Influencing wind:  South Winds.         

Direction:  South-south-east

Predominate elements:  Water.

Elemental clan:  Frog (Water) Clan.         (Function: to merge)

Birth and animal totem:  Woodpecker.

Plant totem:  Wild rose.

Mineral totem:  Rose quartz.

Polarity totem:  Goose.

Affinity totem:  Rose.

Musical vibration:  F natural.

Personality:  Emotional. Sensitive. Protective. Vulnerable.

Feelings:  Maternal/Paternal. Romantic.

Intention:  Devotion.

Nature:  Exacting.

Positive traits:  Imaginative. Tender. Thrifty. Sympathetic.

Negative traits:  Possessive. Moody. Unforgiving.

Sex-drive:  Needful.

Compatibilities:  Snakes. Wolves and Beavers.

Conscious aim:  Emotional unfoldment.

Subconscious desire:  Timeliness.

Life-path:  Assimilation.

I Ching trigram:  Tui. Lake. Desire for contentment.

Must cultivate:  Intuitiveness. Resourcefulness. Forgiveness.

Must avoid:  Self-pity. Envy. Possessiveness.

Spiritual alchemy:  Yin predominates.