Birth Dates:  23 November - 21 December

Earth influence:  The Long Nights Time.

Influencing wind:  The West Winds.

Direction:  North-west.

Predominate elements:  Fire with Earth.

Elemental clan:  Hawk (Fire) Clan.        (Function: changing things)

Birth and animal totem:  Owl.

Plant totem:  Mistletoe.

Mineral totem:  Obsidian.

Polarity totem:  Deer.

Affinity totem:  Gold.

Musical vibration:  C sharp.

Personality:  Jovial. Warm-hearted. Adventurous. Independent.

Feelings:  Warm.

Intention:  Objectivity.

Nature:  Sincere.

Positive traits:  Versatile. Adaptable. Scrupulous.

Negative traits:  Restless. Tactless. Boisterous.

Sex-drive:  Adventurous.

Compatibilities:  Falcons and Salmons.

Conscious aim:  Understanding.

Subconscious desire:  Determination.

Life-path:  Elevation.

I Ching trigram:  Ken. The Still Mountain. The need for singleness of purpose.

Must cultivate:   Concentration. Optimism. Enthusiasm.

Must avoid:  Over-indulgence. Exaggeration. Greed.

Spiritual alchemy:  Yang and Yin balanced.