Birth Dates:  20 January - 18 February

Earth influence:  The Cleansing Time.

Influencing wind:  the North Winds.

Direction:  North.

Predominate elements:  Air.

Elemental clan:  Butterfly (Air) Clan.       (Function: to carry through)

Birth and animal totem:  Otter.

Plant totem:  Fern.

Mineral totem:  Turquoise.

Polarity totem:  Salmon.

Affinity totem:  Silver.

Musical vibration:  E natural - an octave above Deer.

Personality:  Friendly. Unconventional. Independent. Dynamic.

Feelings:  Detached.

Intention:  Imagination.

Nature:  Humanitarian.

Positive traits:  Inventive. Reforming. Perceptive.

Negative traits:  Unpredictable. Rebellious. Tactless. Eccentric.

Sex-drive:  Hot and Cold.

Compatibilities:  Crows, Falcons and Deer.

Conscious aim:  Knowledge.

Subconscious desire:  Wisdom.

Life-path:  Creative strength.

I Ching trigram:  Sun. The Gentle Wind. Flexible vision.

Must cultivate:  Inventiveness. Tolerance. Courage.

Must avoid:  Rebelliousness. Eccentricity.

Spiritual alchemy:  Yin predominates.