the Military Police Detachment
of the
144th Aviation Company
224th Aviation Battalion
509th Radio Research Group
Nha Trang, Vietnam


         Welcome to MP7

MP7 was the call sign for the Military Police Detachment of the 144th Aviation Company in Nha Trang, Vietnam in 1968.
This detachment was assigned the responsibility of providing security for the 144th Aviation Company operations center, all 144th aircraft, traffic control access point to the Army flight line and a section of the perimeter and back gate entrance to Nha Trang Air Base.
The 509th Radio Research Group was part of the U.S. Army Security Agency. The purpose of the 144th Aviation Company was airborne radio direction finding and transmitted code interception and decryption. Many aspects of the function of this company and their success may still be classified and will not be discussed here. Needless to say, Military Police were required to guard this top secret installation and its' equipment on a continuous basis.
Friends made in wartime often become lost contacts after the war. We shared both our heartaches and dreams for a better life. It is not until later in life that we realize the importance of these bonds which were developed and secured during our "time in hell".
This site is dedicated to my buddies of the 144th.