Birth Dates:  22 December - 19 January

Earth influence:  The Renewal Time

Influencing wind:  The North Winds   

Direction:  North-north-west

Predominate elements:  Earth and Air

Elemental clan:  Turtle (Earth) Clan    Function: Preparing the ground

Birth and animal totem:  Goose

Plant totem:  Bramble

Mineral totem:  Peridot

Polarity totem:  Woodpecker

Affinity totem:  White

Musical vibration:  D sharp - an octave above Beavers

Personality:  Self-demanding, Reliable, Prudent, Austere

Feelings:  Self-centered

Intention:  Trust

Nature:  Severe

Positive traits:  Ambitious, Determined, Persevering

Negative traits:  Rigid, Pessimistic, Demanding, Selfish

Sex-drive:  Sensual and long-lasting

Compatibilities:  Beavers, Brown Bears and Crows

Conscious aim:  Conservation

Subconscious desire:  Integrity

Life-path:   Adaptation

I Ching trigram:  Ken. The Still Mountain. Courage and determination

Must cultivate:  Sociability, Effective self-expression

Must avoid:   Self-doubt. Pessimism

Spiritual alchemy:  Yen predominates