Birth Dates: 21 March - 19 April

Earth influence:  The Awakening Time

Influencing wind:  The East Winds         

Direction:  North-east

Predominate elements:  Fire

Elemental clan:  Hawk (Fire) Clan            Function: To initiate

Birth and animal totem:  Falcon

Plant totem:  Dandelion

Mineral totem:  Opal

Polarity totem:  Crow

Affinity totem:  Yellow/green

Musical vibration:  C sharp

Personality:  Active, Forceful, Impetuous

Feelings:  Quickly aroused

Intention:  Activity - new beginnings

Nature:  Impulsive

Positive traits:  Enterprising, Pioneering, Adventurous, Affable.

Negative traits:  Selfish, Egotistical, Impatient, Ostentatious.

Sex-drive:  Easily aroused. Quick, fiery and passionate.

Compatibilities:  Salmon and Owls.

Conscious aim:  to initiate and lead

Subconscious desire:  Knowledge through personal experience.

Life-path:  Establishment of individuality through discernment.

I Ching trigram:  Ch'ien. Heaven. Success through effort.

Must cultivate:  Patience. Persistence. Compassion.

Must avoid:  Vanity. Conceit. Intolerance.

Spiritual alchemy:  Yang predominates.