Birth Dates:  21 May - 20 June

Earth influence:  The Flowering Time

Influencing wind:   The East Winds               

Direction:  South-east.

Predominate elements:  Air with Fire.

Elemental clan:  Butterfly (Air) Clan.

Birth and animal totem:  Deer.

Plant totem:  Mullein.

Mineral totem:  Agate.

Polarity totem:  Owl.

Affinity totem:  Orange.

Musical vibration:  E natural.

Personality:  Quick. Alert. Talkative. Congenial. Moody.

Feelings:  Sensitive but superficial.

Intention:  Versatility.

Nature:  Lively

Positive traits:  Friendly. Witty. Intellectual.

Negative traits:  Inconsistent. Restless. Lazy. Despondent.

Sex-drive:  Tantilating.

Compatibilities:  Crows and Otters.

Conscious aim:  To bring together.

Subconscious desire:  Mastery of the Mind.

Life-path:  Co-ordination.

I Ching trigram:  Tui. The Joyful Lake. Success comes through endurance.

Must cultivate:  Concentration. Persistence. Sympathy.

Must avoid:  Moodiness. Inconsistency. Superficiality.

Spiritual alchemy:  Yang predominates.