CB dispels current myths of pecan trees

When CB first planted his pecan tree in 2000 he soon became the scorn of the community. "A pecan tree will not produce pecans until it is at least 15 years old." "A pecan tree will not produce pecans if another pecan tree is not within 200 feet of it." If it takes 15 years to produce pecans then CB may not be around that long and if another pecan tree has to be within 200 feet then all is lost for there is not another pecan tree within 1000, 2000, even 3000 feet of CB's.

A Google search on the internet does seem to validate those statements heard by CB in the early days. CB could go buy another pecan tree to place within 200 feet of the original tree. But then we would still have the 15 year waiting period.

What did CB do?  Absolutely nothing but wait ! That "inner voice" just kept repeating itself........be patient, be patient........and he was !

CB's pecan tree is eight years old and it is the only one in the neighborhood.


Now that CB has pecans how is he to guard these treasures from the clutches of neighborhood squirrels? This calls for a professional !

First shift reporting for work.     Meanness on duty ! (don't see any squirrels do you?)