Birth Dates:  20 April - 20 May

Earth influence:  The Growing Time

Influencing wind:  The East Winds.      

Direction:  East

Predominate elements:  Earth and Fire.

Elemental clan:  Turtle (Earth) Clan.      (Function: to consolidate)

Birth and animal totem:  Beaver

Plant totem:  Wild Clover

Mineral totem:  Jasper Bloodstone

Polarity totem:   Snake

Affinity totem:  Yellow

Musical vibration:  D sharp.

Personality:  Determined. Resourceful. Opinionated. Methodical.

Feelings:  Highly strung.

Intention:  Possession.

Nature:  Industrious.

Positive traits:  Strong-willed. Businesslike. Persistent.

Negative traits:  Possessive. Self-indulgent. Inflexible.

Sex-drive:  Demanding.

Compatibilities:  Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Geese.

Conscious aim:  Security through possession.

Subconscious desire:  Freedom from attachments.

Life-path:  To discover and possess that which has lasting value.

I Ching trigram:  Li. Clinging Fire. Success through persistence.

Must cultivate:  Adaptability. Enterprise. Compassion.

Must avoid:  Possessiveness. Inflexibility. Stubbornness.

Spiritual alchemy:  Yin predominates.