The week of August 11th  found CB blazing a trail down the back roads of Georgia and Florida in search of adventures. The first night our base of operations was Vidalia, GA where CB called on the three amigos: Gail, Harry and Bud. Harry, who works for the State Department and is involved in the construction of a new U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, was in the States for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  The three "cousins" are standing in the garage wondering why the car would not start. It seems that the 100+ degree summer heat got to the battery. Not to be deterred CB provided transportation to the local Cedar River Restaurant. And yes, CB did have his seafood!  Harry, who considers Thailand his "home", will be returning there soon and we wish him well in his endeavor.

CB & Harry in their "younger" years






Next CB headed to Cocoa, FL where he visited with another high school friend, Steve Benn. Steve is the Director of the Brevard County Historical Commission and keeps CB informed of events of a historical nature in the county 'cause you know CB is a big history buff. More on the visits with Ed and Steve can be found on the high school web site @







CB next traveled the back roads of Georgia and headed to Brunswick, GA in search of an old classmate, Ed Moyer. CB had only seen Ed one other time since graduation. CB and Ed relived some high school memories over a seafood lunch courtesy of Ed. And yes, CB did get another seafood feeding !
CB spent several days with his mother and visited with Marcia, CB's sister, and Beth in Satellite Beach, FL. All in all it was a wonderful adventure even though the heat was always 100+ degrees. I saw some old friends I had not seen in a while, I visited with family members and I ate my fill (almost !) of seafood.
CB and Ed
Hilda, Marcia & Beth
Bud, Harry & Gail